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Thursday, 12 May 2011

OMG - More of my illustrations have been posted on Penelope's (author of Demon Girl) blog... eeek!

For those og you that know I have been in contact with Penelope Fletcher from the start of this project and she had posted my illustrations towards the beginining of my FMP.
Today while checking out her blog I have seen she has posted some of my final illustrations there too and I could not be more pleased with her reaction.


We have been asked to write an conclusion to sum up our third year uni, and most importantly our FMP, so here goes:

This year as been hard and frustrating with a few laughs included. I was really looking forward to this year, finally being able to make my own brief for the final major project. However by the time we reached the month where the time had come to create our own brief I was tired and frustrated with uni, and was ready to be done and go home.

After several failed attempts and a few long stories later I finally had my FMP brief. It all came about on a bit of a whim, when waiting for a train was just to boring to take I ended up reading a sci/fi fantasy book, that I would never ever read, and got so hooked I ended up wanting to illustrate it for my FMP at uni.
Looking back would I choose something different for my FMP?
There as been many times over the last few months where I have thought, "Why did I pick this" or "If I could do this again I would do something different" but in all honesty now I'm coming to the end I would not change my FMP brief. Yes, its been hard and frustrating at times but once I got over those moments, I started to enjoy the process and I am pleased with my end images (some shown in previous blog).
The third year was not what I expected in many ways; I think because I enjoyed my college FMP so much, so I kept comparing the last year of uni to the last year college and uni hasn't measured up, not in the same way. At college we had a small class with individual spaces and we all helped and supported each other throughout, and you couldn't beat playing pool and drinking beer (underage) in the pub next door on a lunchtime. HA.
Back to uni: our dissertation was a drag and I hated every moment of it, I'm not academic and never will be, however I chose a subject I was into, did a little each day and I got through it. With much help from Scott and Mom. 'Options' project sort of went by in a blur and I fell out and lost interest in it a lot. However the tutors felt it was some of my best work, I wouldn't agree it was my best work, not out of everything I've ever done, but it was my best work at uni.
My favourite piece (see image  on left) of work will always be the large painting that hangs in my mom and dad bedroom at home.

When I started my FMP, I wanted to be in love with what I was doing so my mind went back to the time when I created the painting on the left.
This painting was created during a one week project at college, I nearly ended up living in my studio to get this painting done on time - but I loved every minute of it.
I thought about create several of these paintings for my FMP, setting myself a 'one week' or 'two week' project, every week or so. After seeing Louise for a tutorial I discovered she was not a fan of this idea. I wasn't very happy. I thought about still painting on a large scale but with a different subject. While deliberating this I had to come for a few days. Upon traveling back to uni, my train got delayed

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Another tutorial with Johnny.

After getting all the images and text done over the weekend, I went into uni for a tutorial with Johnny. I was hoping to get my images into photoshop and start creating my double page spreads. I needed Johnny's help with this because my photoshop skills are pretty basic.

However upon starting to upload my images into photoshop, we discovered the images had not been originally scanned in at a high enough resolution; so I ended up having to wait for the scanner to become available in the computer room, so I could scan in my images at the correct resolution. Which meant I have had to reschedule my photoshop tutorial with Johnny to this up and coming Friday. Which is the deadline for this blog, so I will not be able to upload any of the finally images until after the degree show and marking as been complete.
I was a little concerned about leaving the photoshop stuff until Friday as it only leaves two weeks to get them printed before hand in. However Johnny assured me there would be enough time to do this.
So fingered crossed, everything goes ok.

Ps My lists are getting ticked off and becoming shorter so I must be doing something right. :)

07/05 - 13/5 :: Week Summary.

★ Texting,painting, text, painting and so on...
★ Another tutorial with Johnny.
★ OMG - More of my illustrations have been posted on Penelope's (author of Demon Girl) blog... eeek!
★ Conclusion
★ Bibliography


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A journey back to uni, cataloge images & degree show

I arrived back at uni for a degree show meeting and to sort out images of my work for the degree show cataloge. I saw Louise and Chris to look through my images, and we came to the agreement on these.

We also had a meeting about our degree show, after there was no progress being made on our original idea of a 'mini theatre'. We moved on to decorating a wall full of work done by us third year illustration students.

We all got together in our studio space, and spent the next few hours each creating a piece of art that we felt represented us. I had already done a couple of pieces at home, however they were relativity small, and I felt left out with everyone creating new images. I scrapped my small images and created this:

By the end of the day the wall was full. Everyone had completed a drawing and had a piece of their personality pinned to the wall. Which turn out something like this:

This wall will now be photographed and used as the theme for our degree show. Using the photographs to cover our degree show cataloge and the backdrop for the posters etc to advertise the show.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Texting,painting, text, painting and so on...

Over the weekend I locked myself in my room, on a mission to complete the remainder of my illutrations plus the other 6 pieces of text that need to be inked, all ready to be done for monday for my tutorial with Johnny.

After many mugs of tea and coffee, a lot of itunes, late nights/early mornings and feeling totally detached form the world, i did it. I completed the illustrations and the text. I know have 7 illustrations and 7 pieces of inked text, hopefully giving an insight into 'The Demon Girl' - my introduction to 'The Demon Girl'!

Demon Boy - Chapter 1

Vampire Demon - Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Glamour - Chapter 5
Vampire Romance - Chapter 7